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We, the Krewe of Dystopian Paradise (KDP), in order to honor our perfectly imperfect union, hereby pledge to celebrate our city and each other, until we fall into the swamp, sink into the sea, succumb to the zombie apocalypse, or die of extremely boring natural causes. We exist to unite parade and audience, neutral ground and sidewalk side, tourist and local, transplant and yat, in the fun, immersive, wild, beautiful worlds we create.

  • Irreverence: A healthy dislike of righteousness, self- and otherwise.

  • Revelry: Fuck yeah, it’s a parade!

  • Beauty: We want to create something people love looking at. We love being looked at. It’s almost the same thing. 

  • Expression: Freedom to be and to dance, to art and to parade. 

  • Absurdity: Sense is overrated. Long live nonsense! 

  • Community: We’ll mock each other inside the krewe, and defend each other outside. We’re as close to family as you can get without getting your face all wet.

  • Kindness: If you’re not a dick, we’ll spot you a band-aid, a sandwich, a cigarette, and a drink. Pay it forward, backward, or just show up next week.


For walking krewes, DIY floats and contraptions bring folks together around mobile works of art 2024


Mardi Gras Day 2020

The Times-Picayune
Krewe Boheme 2019

Where Yat
Chewbacchus 2017

Where Yat

Chewbacchus 2017 (Photos 165-167)

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