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KART: Tammy the Rhinoceros Beetle

A butterfly flapped its wings near a nuclear power plant on the western coast of Africa, creating a hurricane of toxic waste that blanketed the Gulf South and eastern United States. Emerging from the wreckage is an army of giant humanoid bugs as bewitching as they are deadly: glittering slaying mantises that will seduce you with their prismatic eyes right before they cleave your head from your body; swarms of buxom butterflies trapping passers-by with their human-sized nets; and gangs of roving dung beetles who squish innocent civilians with their enormous balls of feces that may or may not be spray-painted exercise balls.


Fortunately, Fat Uncle has dispatched a pacification unit to bring peace and stability back to the bug-infested region. His troops of beekeepers and exterminators are legion and in possession of the finest bug-eradication technology of the 23rd century: confetti cannon fumigators, bubble gun bug zappers, and LED-outline flyswatters the size of a mid-range TV. With such an enormous arsenal, the peacekeepers can’t lose.


Or can they? There are rumblings of a possible attack on February 21, 2223, where bug and brawn will meet on the streets in a clash the likes of which have never been seen before…

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